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What is ThreeJS and why would you want to use it?


Developers can use Three.js, a JavaScript library, to create and showcase animated 3D computer graphics on web browsers through WebGL. This versatile library can be utilized for several purposes such as developing interactive games, visualizing data, and creating virtual reality experiences. With its user-friendly interface, Three.js simplifies the creation of intricate 3D scenes with just a few lines of code, making it an excellent choice for beginners or those with limited experience in 3D graphics. Additionally, the library has a supportive community of users who share tips and offer assistance on how to best use Three.js for various projects.


What is WebGL?


WebGL, also known as Web Graphics Library, is a JavaScript API that enables the rendering of interactive 3D and 2D graphics directly within a compatible web browser without the need for plug-ins. By utilizing the HTML5 canvas element to display its content, WebGL makes it possible for these graphics to be accessed on a wide range of modern mobile devices and desktop computers. This powerful tool allows developers to create stunning visuals that can be used for games, simulations, data visualization, user interfaces, virtual reality experiences, and more. Additionally, the library provides an efficient way to integrate hardware-accelerated 3D graphics into web applications with minimal overhead.


Are there any React-specific Libraries for ThreeJS?


If you’re looking to create stunning 3D graphics in your React applications, React Three Fiber is the way to go! This powerful library acts as a bridge between React and Three.js, allowing developers to easily build intricate 3D scenes using declarative components. With React Three Fiber, adding lighting, textures, animations, and objects is a breeze – all with just a few lines of code. Plus, the library comes packed with helpful utilities like raycasting for advanced features like object selection and collision detection. With its intuitive API and impressive performance, it’s no wonder React Three Fiber is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best libraries for creating immersive 3D experiences in web apps today!


In the next article, we will dive deeper into setting up a scene as seen on my portfolio site